Ergonomic Comfortable Mattresses

Ergonomic Comfortable Mattresses

Comfortable Mattresses Improve Your General Health!

We all know that we need high quality, a comfortable mattress for comfortable sleep! From research, we now know that sleeping on a wrong mattress leads to or worsens back pain in humans. Even a small problem with a mattress can produce discomfort, which affects user’s quality or quality of sleep. As we can learn from the fairtale “The Princess and the Pea” by Hans Christian Andersen, a princess finds it difficult to get a good sleep just because a pea is under her mattress. Yet the bed has a pile of 20 mattresses.

Evidently, this tale tells us that the quality of a mattress affects the quality and quantity of sleep. It is evident, then, that the quality and quantity of sleep affects our health, gait, and productivity. So, it tells us that we need comfortable mattresses to obtain good quality and quantity sleep. This is necessary we are to maintain good health and productivity.   

Physicians and experts in physical fitness and health recommend ergonomic mattresses to ensure good sleeping posture. In fact, an ergonomic mattress is a comfortable mattress that give you good sleeping posture. Also, they relax your muscles, straightens the spine, and gives you a healthy, comfortable sleep. With an ergonomic mattress, one is sure of a comfortable and healthy sleep. And in this way, it will help avoid or manage back pain.

But research has not come up with a definition of what a perfect, comfortable mattress is. Rather, we suggest that your natural sleeping posture comes first when choosing a perfect, comfortable mattress for your use. Research shows that changing mattresses frequently helps maintain a good sleep posture. I also reduces the chances of developing back pain or resolves back pain problems. For example, a recent research at the Harvard University’s Medical School finds that patients of lower back pain tend to improve when they sleep on medium-firm mattresses for some time and then change to firm mattresses for a few days in a week.

Therefore, this finding tells us that the traditional recommendation by doctors to use only extremely firm mattresses is wrong. Rather, we need to change frequently to medium-firm mattresses. But you do not have to go shop by shop to try the best comfortable mattress for your use. Rather, this ergonomic comfortable mattress is available online. So, you only need to read this review and use the links to the shops and stores. Here, you will get a good, comfortable mattress for upper, middle and lower back pain are located within your neighborhoods. Purchasing is also online, which means that you will have the comfortabmattresses delivery done to your doorstep.

Review of the Best Back Pain Solving Mattresses in 2019   

Among the major causes of back pain are the use of the wrong mattress in our homes. Yet few of us have the information about the best ergonomic mattresses for solving back pain problems. So, in this review, we provide you with an updated list of the best ergonomic comfortable mattresses for solving back pain problems.

The modern ergonomic mattresses are high-quality types of the new generation. They provide comfort to people who suffer from chronic back pain. Also, these comfortable mattresses mitigate the risks of chronic back pain and acute back pain in those of us who are otherwise healthy. In other words, new generation ergonomic comfortable mattresses help us prevent back pain. Besides, they offer relief to those already with chronic back pain. The four main types of back pain mattresses are Amerisleep, Bear, Saarva, and Lyra, all of which are memory foam mattresses products.

Review of Amerisleep AS Series Ergonomic Memory Foam Mattresses

The Amerisleep is among the first comfortable mattress brands to available online. In addition, AS1 has become a household brand in the United States in the recent past. The Amerisleep AS series are eco-friendly memory foam mattresses that have luxury features. So far, ergonomists and physicians highly recommend the use of Amerisleep AS series AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5. 

Review of Amerisleep AS1 Ergonomic Memory Foam Comfortable Mattress

The Amerisleep AS1 mattress has a thick layer of memory foam with a high-quality base layer to support the entire body. The key features of the Amerisleep AS1 memory foam ergonomic mattress are the presence of a 10” profile. This profile provides a firm, even support for both stomach and back sleepers. This means that if you prefer sleeping on your back, the Amerisleep AS1 ergonomic comfortable mattress will provide an even support to the entire body.As such, you will not have back pain after lengthy sleep.

Also, for those who sleep on their stomachs, this ergonomic comfortable mattress will equally provide an even support to the entire body. It is important to note that an even support means that the entire body is on the same level. So, this means that your entire spine aligns at a straight position, thus preventing chances of folding and back pain.

Features of the Amerisleep AS1 mattresses

The Amerisleep AS1   mattress has a 3” Bio-Pur memory foam layer, which functions by providing a source of cooling to the entire bed. So, giving you a comfortable sleep throughout the night as the bed temperatures are at the optimum levels. Also, the mattress has a 9” Bio-Core support layer whose function is to prevent sagging. Indeed, mattress sagging is a problem that relates with many types of common mattresses. Noteworthy, it leads to bulging and folding down of some parts of the bed. And this makes one sleep in an uneven position. If the sleeping position is uneven, it is most likely that the person’s spine is in an awkward position. This can cause neck or back pain.

The Amerisleep AS1 ergonomic mattress is has a celliant-infused cover functions to help a person sleep faster and longer. Indeed, the cover undergoes clinical trials during manufacture. So, it functions effectively in making you sleep faster and stay longer in bed without causing tiredness or causing muscular or head pain. This mattress is also compatible with an adjustable bed. This is an ergonomic bed that has been recommended in our ergonomic adjustable beds review section in this website. In addition, the Amerisleep AS1 is good for children as it supports their different sleeping. In children, it does not cause any kind of back pain, headache or neck pain.

Worth noting, the Amerisleep AS1 comes in various sizes. The idea is to give you an opportunity to choose the size that best fits your needs. Just click on the size you would like to purchase and follow up on the available seller near you! The available sizes for you to choose from are Twin XL, California King, Full, Queen, King, and Twin sizes. While Twin XL, California King, and Full sizes are best for one person, the Twin is the best comfortable mattress for children. On the other hand, Queen and King Sizes are best for couples. So, you need to choose the list at Amazon as they offer among the best prices. They also have a wide variety of AS1 mattresses from various developers.  

This is the AmeriSleep AS1 comfortable bed, which gives you the best comfortable sleep to improve your health

The Amerisleep AS1 ergonomic memory foam mattress

How to get the AS1 comfortable mattresses

Obtaining the Amerisleep AS1 ergonomic mattress is easy as it is available online and the delivery is right to your doorstep!. Just follow this link and follow the steps provided to make an online order and purchase the Amerisleep AS1 mattress with a few hours of delivery here.

Amerisleep AS2 Memory Foam Mattress Review

An important feature of the Amerisleep AS2 mattress is that it readily contours to the body and provides cushion while providing you with an even body support. The idea is to support the body evenly over the bed surface as a way of preventing pressure points. It is worth noting that pressure points result from uneven support on the mattress such that some points are firmer than others. At the end, the firm points will cause pressure on your muscles and the spine, which will cause stress and pain at certain points, especially the back. So, with this kind of support, the Amerisleep AS2 mattress is works to eliminate back and muscular pain and stiffness.

Features of the Amerisleep AS2 mattresses

Like AS1, the Amerisleep AS2 memory foam mattress is an ergonomic mattress whose function is to provide firm support to eliminate the chances of developing back and neck pain while also solving neck pain problems for those already affected. Specifically, the Amerisleep AS2 mattresses have pairing plant-based foams to which luxury finishes are inclusive to increase both physical and psychological comfort in your bedroom. There is a high-quality base layer for supportive purposes present at the thick layer of memory foam.

Research shows that memory foams from synthetic substances such as plastics are not safe for our use, especially as they are likely to release atoms of plastic materials into our bedrooms that might find their way into our lungs. Research suggests that we use plant-based materials to develop the foam we need for our safe mattresses. In addition, developing synthetic foams requires industrial chemical processes that release a lot of carbon emissions in our environment.

Therefore, it is evident that plant-derived materials for making foams help to conserve the environment while also supporting our farmers. As such, the developers of Amerisleep AS2 have considered this problem and have used plant-derived materials using the zero-emissions facilities and Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology to develop memory foams for their ergonomic mattresses. The VPF technology involves a manufacturing process accomplished inside a chamber where filters remove all chemicals and pollutants from entering the air. Then, all wastes from the VPF process are reusable within the company to ensure zero waste and pollution. Trials on these mattresses have proved beyond doubt that the process keeps the memory foams in the mattresses breathable and highly responsive.

In addition to the foam, the Amerisleep AS2 ergonomic mattress has a Celliant, which is basically a mineral-based fiber. This fiber embeds in the fabric used to make the cover of the mattress. Again, scientific trials have proved beyond doubt that the entire material helps ease or prevent back and muscle pain. Also, trials have shown that the Amerisleep AS2 bed materials take excess head from the body and convert it to infrared energy. With this kind of feature, then your circulation is excellent while you are asleep.

Cardiologists, in particular, have recommended people to use the Amerisleep AS2 ergonomic mattress as it gives the right posture and promotes circulation, thus preventing risks of cardiac problems such as stroke and cardiac arrests while one is asleep. In essence, the Amerisleep AS2 is a medium firm mattress functions to help you sleep faster. It also helps you to remain in bed for a long time without back or neck pain. Furthermore, it helps to improve your circulation to prevent risks of cardiac problems when you are asleep.

Where to obtain the AS2 comfortable mattresses

Again, it is easy to obtain the Amerisleep AS2 mattresses within your locality as it just requires you to click on this site, check the mattress size, color, and price and then make an order.

A Review of the Best Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam Mattress in 2019  

Like Amerisleep AS1 and AS2, the Amerisleep AS3 is has with eco-friendly, plant-based memory foam that reduce the amount of chemicals and petroleum products in the product. The Amerisleep AS3 is a medium-firm mattress that provides pressure relief and respond effectively to the position changes and movements of your body. Also, it is excellent in providing foundational support to ensure a right alignment of the spine and the body when you are resting on the surface.

Features of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress

The major characteristics of the Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic mattress are fourfold. First, the mattress achieves motion isolation. The idea is to absorb movements and prevent the transfer of motion from the position you are resting on to the other parts of the mattress. Indeed, the mattress is good for people who sleep with their partners, children or pets where positions change frequently.

Now, if one partner, a child or a pet changes position while sleeping on one part of the bed, then the motion will not pass on to the position on which the other person is sleeping. Indeed, the other person will not even notice that there is movement in the bed. Here, sleep time is conserved as it is difficult to awaken the sleeping person. Secondly, temperature control is a major characteristic of the Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic mattress.

The materials used to make the Amerisleep mattresses are breathable with a unique cover made from a combination of Celliant, Poluester, and Spandex. With increasing knowledge and experience, the Amerisleep makers have included additional features in the Amerisleep AS3 that are not found in both AS1 and AS2. For instance, both the support layers and the foam comfort of the Amerisleep AS3 are breathable as they allow airflow possible.

Airflow within the AS3 mattress is achieved through the use of large and open cell structures, which allows cooling to take place. Indeed, clinical trials have shown that the cooling function of a mattress is beneficial mainly to those who sleep on their stomachs (stomach sleepers) because while sleeping, their entire bodies are placed on the surface.

Pressure relief and comfort make an important feature of the Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic mattress. The materials used to make the mattress and its cover ensure that there is a moderate contouring hug on the body and relief of pressure while also preventing your body from sinking down into the surface of the mattress.

Good news to you regarding the Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic mattress! There is a trial and warrant. There is a sleep trial for 100 nights and free shipping to your doorstep. Indeed, most companies in the industry offer less than 100 nights of sleep trial, with the majority offering an average of 50 days. Also, Amerisleep has attached a 20-year warranty for the mattresses, which is far above the average warranty time that most companies in the industry provide.   

Features of the Amerisleep AS3 comfortable mattress

 Now, let us look at the features you will see in the Amerisleep AS3 mattress when you visit a store. Specifically, the Amerisleep AS3 IS an ergonomic memory foam mattress, 12-inch in size, with three foam layers. The model sizes range from Twin to Split King and Calofornia King. As previously mentioned, the foam layers are made from plant-derived materials with PVF technology to ensure that chemicals and pollutants are eliminated. Also, the three layers are designed to absorb shock, relieve pressure, and provide even body support such that the spine and the whole trunk are aligned accordingly.

When in this position, it is difficult to develop such sleep problems as muscle pain or stiffness, back pain, headache or stiff neck. It is worth noting that the foam layers support all sleeping positions as they make the mattress a medium-firm product. Here, you can comfortably sleep on your side, back, and stomach without experiencing any kind of body pain, stiffness of muscles, or excessive heat.

Amerisleep AS3 comfortable mattress for the best sleep

There is a top layer on the Amerisleep AS3 mattress, 3 inch in size, which is made up of open-cell Bio-Pur whose function is to provide the necessary comfort you need while sleeping. This layer is breathable and provides the cooling effect explained above as it wicks out both moisture and heat. So, even if you sweat too much when sleeping, this foam layer will which away the excess skin moisture from your sweat away from your sleeping position. This means that even your partner will not be disturbed by your sweat when sleeping.

Indeed, sleep-sweating is a major problem to many people, whether it is natural or due to diseases or treatments. While there have been established remedies for this problem, it is worth noting that most involve medications and yet most of us do not like taking drugs all the time. So, with Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic mattress, you not only achieve a comfortable sleep, but also resolve the sleep-sweating problem and its impacts on you and your sleeping partner. Does this not sound good? At the same time, the mattress relieves pressure points excellently while also conforming to your body’s curves.

Layers of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress

When paired with the other layers, this 3-inch uppermost comfort foam layer provides support to allow heavy persons or heavier body parts to be held up for natural and right alignment of the spine. Indeed, this layer makes the AS3 a highly valued ergonomic mattress as it provides you with the correct sleeping surface for the right, natural spine alignment. Click on the video below to see a demonstration of how the Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic memory foam mattress functions to help you achieve a comfortable, healthy sleep.  

Apart from the comfort foam layer, the Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic mattress has a support layer, known as the support core, which has a 7-inch foundational support layer combined with a 2-inch foam layer. In this case, the 2”- foam layer is transitional in nature designed to provide even support of weight across the entire mattress and whose function is to relieve pressure.

Recommended applications

On its part, the 7-inch foundation support layer is made of Bio-Core, a dense support layer of foam whose function is to provide the firmness necessary for the mattress to remain supportive of your weight throughout its lifespan. This means that even if you or the children jump several times on the mattress throughout its usage years, little will happen in terms of reducing firmness or sinking down of some parts. As such, it is a good mattress for children as well as sexually active partners.

An additional functional layer of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress is the cover, the topmost layer of the mattress. As previously indicated, this layer is made up of a combination of materials to give it the necessary abilities to perform multiple functions for improving the quality and comfort of your sleep. Specifically, Celliant is a plant-derived material whose inclusion is to ensure that the cover fabric is breathable and free from chemicals that could otherwise be toxic or a health hazard upon inhalation or irritant to our skin. Celliant is belnded with both spandex and polyster to ensure that it is strong and durable enough to serve you for a longer time.

Worth noting, this cover can be unzipped and removed from the mattress for washing and then returned upon drying. Therefore, the Celliant-based mattress cover of AS3 ergonomic mattress supports cleanliness, especially when removing the spots that normally come from such sources as saliva, sweat, vomit, dirt, urine, or sexual fluids. This means that such a mattress is best for children, sexually active couples, married people, sick people, the elderly, and hospitals as well.

Amerisleep Comfortable Mattress for solving head, neck, and back pain
This amerisleep comfortable mattress is good for solving back, neck, and head pain

For the Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic mattress, the problem of choosing the best bedframe should not be of great concern to you because the AS3 mattress is compatible and adaptable with a number of surfaces at home. For instance, you can simply place it directly on the floor as the thickness is quite large (as much height as that of some beds), or in combination with such surfaces as slatted frames, flat foundations, adjustable bed bases, and box springs.

Where to get Amerisleep AS3 mattresses

Getting an Amerisleep AS3 ergonomic memory foam mattress is as easy as obtaining any other online-traded item. Amazon is one of the sellers nearest to you and you just need to visit their site and review the item details, check prices, and make an order for the AS3 mattress here.   

Review of the Best Amerisleep AS4 Memory Foam Mattress in 2019

Previously known as Colonial, the Amerisleep AS4 model is a medium-soft, comfortable mattress whose design is specially for people who sleep on their sides. Also, it is good for combination sleepers who tend to require relieving pressure. This picture depicts the obvable features of the AS4 model, giving you a quick view of what you expect in the product. Also, it is worth noting that this comfortable mattress is compatible with all ergonomic beds and ergonomic pillows to give you maximum support and comfortable sleep!

Features of Amerisleep AS4 comfortable mattress

Specifically, the AS4 model has a width of 12 inches with four layers of Celliant-based cover. Then, there is a cooling foam top layer, a support core made of high-density foam, and a transitional layer. Like the AS3 model, this is a product PVF technology. The idea is to protect the environment. Besides, it eliminates chemicals and substances likely to enter your breath when you are sleeping. Besides, plant-derived materials are very utilizable in making the foam. Thus, it replaces petroleum products typically used in traditional mattresses.

Two major characteristics of the AS4 model are pressure relief and temperature control. Noteworthy, one of the significant functions of ergonomic mattresses is to relieve pressure on the body. I also helps avoid such impacts as muscle strain and pain, back pain, headache, and neck pain. According to research, an excellent ergonomic mattress ought to align your body, especially the spine. The body should be in an even manner to prevent the back from folding. Research shows that folding of the back when asleep is the chief cause of excruciating back pain. But this can be solved with a supportive and comfortable mattress.

Research incorporated in the making of Amerisleep AS4 mattress?

The study by Zapata and colleagues at Colombian University in 2012 reveals that a medium-firm mattress serves as the best mattress for people with back pain. This is because it is firm enough to provide the necessary support for both back and front sleepers and cushion for side sleepers. More recent research by Verheart et al. in 2015 supports this finding. But it adds that ergonomics in bed design heavily rely on the nature of the mattress. This is because best ergonomic comfortable mattresses are those that provide support for the right spinal alignment.

Such studies show that medium-firm mattresses tend to give the best sleep systems that support the body in a manner that allows the intervertebral discs and the muscles to relax. They must also relieve pressure from the continuous loading during wake time, especially in working hours. Verheart and colleagues argue that achieving the relaxation and recovery of the body muscles and the intervertebral discs is ONLY achievable if your spine is in its natural physiological shape. But lying down in which the lumbar lordosis is slightly flattens due to the changes in working axis of the physical earth’s gravity.

In essence, studies provide evidence that the need for a right mattress is to account for two anthropometrical parameters. First is body weight distribution and and the second is body contours. A proper mattress should not be rigid because humans change sleep positions throughout the night. Thus, the sleeping surface, in this an excellent ergonomic mattress, should be in a position to cope with the varying loading conditions.

Indeed, research shows that a healthy, comfortable sleep requires one to change sleeping posture throughout the night. As such, an excellent ergonomic sleeping surface ought to cope with the varying positions of the body. For example, changing its characteristics in response to the adopted posture at any one moment when you are sleeping.

Temperature control in Amerisleep AS4 comfortable mattresses

At the same time, temperature control is an essential feature of a mattress to support a comfortable, healthy sleep. In essence, pressure control pertains to the concept of a comfortable sleep, which, in turn, positively relates to a night of good, healthy sleep. In other words, you cannot achieve a healthy sleep if you are not comfortable in bed. As such, this tells us that inability to have the right bed temperature will cause discomfort during the night, thus affecting the healthiness of your sleep. Research provides evidence that sleep regulation is closely related to thermoregulation.

As such, the thermal environment in your bed is a critical factor that always affects your sleep. Also, research reveals that a slight decrease in the body’s core temperature triggers the onset of human sleep. Similarly, a slight increase in the temperature of the skin for the heat dissipatable through the periphery to the environment from the core. Thus, these will cause an increase in the distal-proximal temperature gradient (Krauchi et al., 2000, Krauchi et al., 1994). Furthermore, several studies in the fields of sleep health and sleep ergonomics have revealed that the best sleep temperature is in the range of 17OC and 22OC.

Therefore, the best mattress is the one that can control the temperature to achieve an optimum rage of between 17 and 22 degrees in Celsius scale throughout the night when you are asleep.

How Amerisleep AS4 comfortable mattress works to improve sleep quality

Noteworthy, for these empirical findings that the Amerisleep mattresses have been help to achieve the two objectives. These are pressure relieving and temperature control. Looking at the Amerisleep AS4 mattress, it is clear that the designers significantly consider the research findings. They fully understand the importance of a sleep surface that relieves pressure by supporting the spine in its natural manner albeit horizontally while also helping in muscular relaxation.

Worth noting, the idea is to ensure that the intervertebral discs of your spine and the body muscles relieve pressure. This pressure loads during the day when you are taking daily chores such as working, playing, walking, and driving, and so on. In terms of pressure relief, the AS4 mattress is quite softer than the previous three series AS1, AS2, and AS4 as well as the next series AS5. Indeed, the mattress has a 5-inch comfort layer fixed above the high-density support layer. In this layer, there is a 4-inch of the open-cell memory foam layer and a convoluted poly-foam measuring 1 inch.

Together, the two sub-layers function by providing the necessary spinal support and appropriate contouring of the body needed by all sleepers. This is so especially when one changes positions from side to front and back or vice versa. So, it means that the Amerisleep AS4 mattress is suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers, and front sleepers. With the video below by Mattress Clarity, you will have a good view of how the Amerisleep AS4 mattress functions and why you need it to meet your needs.

Achieving comfortable sleep with AS4

In terms of the temperature control parameter, the Amerisleep AS4 ergonomic mattress conforms to the need for maintaining the right range of 17 to 22 degrees in Celsius scale. Specifically, the mattress is functions to support optimum airflow and cooling. In this case, the top layer of foam has a structure with open cells that function by transferring heat away from your body when sleeping. Also, the Celliant-based mattress has a cover of a cooling thermoreactive material. Its function is to transform and dissipate heat from your body. Also, there is a transition later in the cover that transmits both heat and moisture out of the mattress.

Thus, the AS4 comfortable mattress functions by removing excess heat from the bed while also removing moisture generated by the body. So, it is evident that with this mattress, you can easily and comfortable sleep. For instance, the temperature is optimum and moisture is minimal. More importantly, the AS4 mattress’ ability to remove moisture means that you can comfortably share your bed with others. For example, partners and children with problems of sweating when asleep either due to medication, disease, or natural condition can share your bed.

Where to get Amerisleep AS4 best comfortable mattress

More information about the problem of sweating when asleep can be read in this website by clicking here. Again, purchasing the Amerisleep AS4 ergonomic mattress is simply by clicking here to review. Here you can see the available sizes and colors, find the best price, and pay for the product as well as delivery right to your doorstep.    

Review of the Amerisleep AS5 Memory Foam Best Comfortable Mattress in 2019

The Amerisleep AS5 model, the latest product under the AS series, is opposite of AS1. It is worth noting that this is the firmest. This is because it is the softest of the five in the product line. This product is ultra-soft mattress whose main target are the people looking for a luxurious experience with relief of pressure. The mattress has a thickness of 14 inches. Also, the body comprises of 5 layers- a support layer made of high-density foam as the base. Above it is a zoned transition layer. Also, above this is a layer of comfort foam (active flex) the cooling foam top layer. Finally, the uppermost layer being the Celliant-based blend cover.

Features of Amerisleep AS5

Like all the other members of the Amerisleep AS series, this product has the PVF process. This process ensures zero emissions and elimination of plastic and other chemicals likely to enter the sleepers’ breath. Also, the mattress comprises of plant-based materials to replace petroleum-derived materials. Worth noting, the idea is to reduce pollution, thus making the products safe for both the users and the environment.        

As an ergonomic mattress, the Amerisleep AS5 has several key features that meet the needs of different sleeping styles. In particular, the concepts of pressure relief, temperature control, and comfort are fundamental in the AS5 mattress. The question here is, “what causes muscular stiffness and pain, back pain and stiff neck?” The answer to this question lies within the theoretical explanation of pressure and shear forces on a surface.

Pressure relief and comfort functions of the mattress are explainable from the theoretical and empirical concepts. Specifically, the concepts of shear forces and pressure on a surface are applicable. Rithalia and Kennedy contradicts the view that most support surfaces tend to compress down or squash when weight is on them. Their study says that human tissues are generally not incompressible and remain on articulated structures of bones, which are rigid.

Therefore, if pressure or shear forces apply to the human tissues; the pressure tends to move away from the affected area. This phenomenon is the theoretical explanation of the causes of muscular stiffness and back pain. And the causes are wrong sleeping behavior, positions, and faulty mattresses. In an attempt to explain this natural phenomenon, various studies have used soft and wet sand as a demonstration. When pressure is on soft, wet sand placed on the ground. Thus, much of the sand grains move away from the area under pressure.

Ergonomics of AS5 comfotable mattress

It should be noted that the sand is not under significant pressure, but will slowly move away from the area under pressure to areas where the pressure is less. Now, if the pressure persists, then the area affected will continue to remain under compression. Also, much of the materials under it will feel a lot of pressure that might affect or distort the structure as the study by Reger et al., explains. 

Similarly, if there is pressure on body tissues, the hard bones will not move due to this impact. Instead, the pressure will lodge on the soft tissues, which will then move away from the affected area. But it is quite difficult for the components of tissues, unlike wet sand, to move away from the area under pressure. So, the impact will cause distortions of soft tissues on the position. Distortion of the muscles, on its part, will lead to occlusion of blood supply and disruption of the lymph vessels. Also, it causes damage to the capillaries in the region. Eventually, there will be breakdown of the tissues as explained in the study by Reger and colleagues in 1990s.

Therefore, a right mattress should have a support surface whose functions are mainly two. One, to redistribute the pressure and two, to prevent distortion of the tissues on some regions. It also provides a comfortable surface for the sleeper. Indeed, this is the knowledge finds use in the design and production of the Amerisleep mattresses series. Specifically, the AS5 is the softest of the members of the series. This mattress has specific construction layers that function to meet these demands. Before proceeding, I encourage you to check on the video below by Sleepopolis to see how the AS5 mattress functions. It will take just a few minutes to view.

Layers of Amerisleep AS5 best comfortable matress

The uppermost layer is the mattress cover, and consists of a mixture of spandex, Celliant, and polyester. The materials make it super soft and stretchy such that it snaps back quickly into place. So, this means that it recovers immediately after the sleeper changes positions. 

The comfort aspect of the Amerisleep AS5 comes from the comfort layer. Noteworthy, this layer consists of memory foam of 3 inches. And the function is to allows a person to sink into the next layer of the mattress to relieve pressure. The memory foam responds slowly to pressure. It also provides an excellent feeling of body contouring. With the open-cell structure, much of the heat dissipates and moves. I moves from the body to help achieve optimum bed temperature range of 17OC to 22OC.  

The third layer is the compression that measures 2 inches and is made up of foam. It is the Active Flex layer and has the same firmness as that of the layer above it. The idea is to make the sleeper sink slightly to improve pressure relief.

The fourth layer is the transition, which is a 2-inch layer of poly foam with high convolution level. The idea is to make space in the mattress through which air flow passes to ensure temperature control. Here, the level of zoning is superb to provide pressure relief. This helps in such areas of the body with a lot of pressure such as the lower back and the shoulders.

Finally, the base layer is the foundation of the mattress and measures 7 inches of high-density poly foam. This layer’s function is to support all the four layers above it and provide support for the sleepers, including heavy individuals.

A good mattress for heavy people!

It is for this purpose that the the AS5 is an excellent mattress for heavy people with different sleeping positions. Also, the Amerisleep AS5 is a very good mattress for patients in hospitals. In particular, it prevents the development of pressure ulcers on the skin due to its ability to distribute pressure.

Where to get Amerisleep AS5 best comfortable mattress!

Now, for luxury, comfort, ergonomics, and the prevention of ulcer pressures, you need to purcahse this comfortable mattress. You can always purchase the Amerisleep AS5 anytime and from any location as they are available directly for sale online to the customers. And you should not that this comfortable mattress is always compatible with all ergonomic beds and ergonomic pillows. What you need is to check with the nearest sellers such as Amazon,, and others. You can click here for more details on prices, colors, and shipment protocols.  

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